Successful Identifications

The following gallery highlights some of our successful cases in the field. View how suspect composites, facial reconstructions from unidentified remains and facial comparisons can be used as an effective tool to aide in identification. 

"Happy Face" killer victim Identified

Suzanne Kjellenberg was identified after 29 years, she was the last unidentified victim of Keith Jesperson, the “Happy Face” Killer. Prior to her identification, Forensic artist Paul Moody  was requested to help create a depiction of the unidentified woman. He was able to correspond with Jesperson, in prison, regarding the victim. During this correspondence, Jesperson created a drawing of the victim from memory which Moody then used, along with the skeletal remains, to create an updated facial reconstruction. She was identified in 2023.

Baby June Identified

On June 1st, 2018, the unidentified remains of a young infant were found floating in the Boynton Beach Inlet. Forensic Artist Paul Moody created a composite of the infant in an effort to aid in her identification. The reconstructed image of baby June stirred up a lot of emotion as law enforcement sought to determine what happened to her and who she was.

In 2022, Baby June was finally identified. Her mother was also identified and has been arrested for this heinous act.

1974 15 year old Jane Doe Identified

Watch the latest podcast! The skeletal remains of a 15 year old girl found in 1974 have finally been identified as Susan Poole after 48 years thanks to genealogy technology!

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Charlotte County John Doe Identified

With the help of a newly created digital skull reconstruction and genealogy testing, Charlotte County was able to positively identify the remains of Gerard Lombard from a 1994 cold case.

The updated facial reconstruction for this case was completed by Forensic Artist Autumn Krick.

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Maritime John Doe Identified

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has used genetic genealogy to identify a man whose remains were found in the Atlantic Ocean in 2003.

Postmortem rendering helps Identify a hit and run victim

After the release of this postmortem rendering, the victim was successfully identified. Read the follow up story below!

Suspect composite helped identify a dangerous criminal

Delgado Ros was identified after a concerned citizen recognized the sketch composite and called in a tip. DNA confirmed that Delgado Ros was indeed the man responsible for these violent acts. He had fled the US but was located and extradited back to West Palm Beach to answer for his crimes.

Daniel Harrigan found Guilty of Murder

The jury finds Daniel Harrigan guilty for the murder of a 77 year old grandfather in the parking lot of Steinmart in Palm Beach Gardens. Thanks to the efforts of law enforcement, DNA and a sketch composite, Harrigan was identified and convicted.

Sketch composite helps ID a man posing as a Police Officer

A sketch was completed after a young woman reported that a man in uniform identifying himself as law enforcement pulled her over and then asked for sexual favors. Tips flooded in after the release of the composite and soon after the man responsible was identified.

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While several identifications have been made from our reconstructions of unidentified remains, there are several more who still remain nameless. The more exposure we can give a case, the more likely someone who knows the victim has a chance of recognizing them.

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