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The field of Forensic Imaging is extremely diverse and can provide a wide scope of work in aiding law enforcement investigations. With technology rapidly evolving, we seek to offer agencies not only traditional aspects of forensic art with new and developing technologies, but also imaging capabilities in parallel fields such as 1-1 image comparisons, image modifications and enhancements for investigative purposes. 

What is traditional forensic art? What do we offer? Perhaps, the most well-known aspect of forensic art is the suspect composite, a rendering of a criminal suspect from eyewitness memory. The field of forensic art actually encompasses much more than just suspect sketches, other aspects of the field include age progressions of missing persons, or wanted fugitives and facial reconstructions of decomposing or even skeletal remains for the purpose of aiding identification. 

When it comes to helping law enforcement generate investigative leads, the most important aspect of this process is you. The public. Our work is successful when the ‘right person’ views the ‘right image’ at the right time; in other words, this work is only successful if it can reach the people who may recognize the individuals’ we have depicted. For that, we need your help! Everyday community involvement helps us to identify violent criminal offenders, locate missing persons and  give names to our unidentified victims! Please view our website, you may just help solve a case!

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What is Forensic Art? Learn more about the field of Forensic Imaging and how this investigative tool is being used in Law Enforcement.

Watch "The Happy Face Killer"

Keith Jesperson – also known as the “Happy Face Killer” was responsible for the murders of at-least 8 known women. Our story began with a facial reconstruction from unidentified remains… a twist of fate led us not to the victims identity but to the one who murdered her. Our victim remains unidentified, please contact us if you recognize her!

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